Walk-Around Illusionist Show

Imagine sitting at a dinner table waiting for an awards ceremony or the meal to begin. There’s little to talk about in a room of acquaintances, and an icebreaker would really help. Imagine the same experience at a cocktail party, wandering throughout the room looking for conversation and failing to light a spark. These get-togethers can be difficult and sometimes, unfortunately, boring. Spice up a dinner party or cocktail hour with a magician moving through the room, wowing the crowd with his interactive magic. After witnessing such wonders, it will be hard not to laugh, smile, and mingle.
Fred Sharp is a practitioner of close-up magic, a type of magic that directly involves the audience face to face. See metal bend on command, objects appear out of nowhere, and great feats of mentality occur right before your eyes. There’s no room for weak tricks when your audience surrounds you from all angles. And there’s nothing like the personal touch of a magical performance inches away from you. With over 2,000 shows under his belt, Fred has the experience and sleight of hand to amaze and engage even the shyest audience members.

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