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Introducing Magic4Business:

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Introducing Magic4Business: Where Magic Transforms Corporate Success

Magic4Business is here, and it's poised to change the way you think about corporate events, trade shows, team building, and motivational programs. Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our website, and we can hardly contain our excitement about the magic we're bringing to the corporate world.

Where Magic and Business Converge

Magic4Business is where the captivating world of magic meets the dynamic realm of corporate success. We're not your ordinary corporate event service; we're your gateway to turning everyday gatherings into extraordinary experiences.

Meet Fred Sharp: Your Corporate Magician

At Magic4Business, we're led by Fred Sharp, a master magician on a mission. With over two decades of captivating audiences worldwide, Fred has honed his craft to mesmerize, motivate, inspire, and uplift. His unique blend of magic and motivational speaking has made him a respected figure in the corporate world.

Our Magical Services

Magic4Business offers a range of services designed to elevate your corporate events:

  1. Trade Show Magic - Attract Crowds, Generate Leads, and Leave a Lasting Impression:

    • Trade shows are bustling hubs of opportunity, and Fred Sharp can ensure your booth shines brightly. With captivating trade show magic, we'll draw crowds, engage potential clients, and leave them with a memorable impression of your brand.

  1. Teambuilding Magic Workshops - Empower Your Team Through Collaboration:

    • We firmly believe that teamwork is the foundation of success. Our Teambuilding Magic Workshops are designed to strengthen team bonds, enhance communication, and cultivate a spirit of collaboration through interactive and engaging magic exercises.

  1. Success Magic Motivational Speech - Unlock Your Full Potential:

    • Fred's Success Magic Motivational Speech is more than just a presentation; it's a transformative journey. Leveraging the principles of magic, psychology, and motivation, Fred empowers your audience to discover and unleash their hidden potential.

  1. Mindsync Corporate Mentalism Show - A Mesmerizing Exploration of the Human Mind:

    • Prepare to be astonished as Fred Sharp delves into the mysteries of the human mind with our MindSync Corporate Mentalism Show. This awe-inspiring performance challenges perceptions, expands horizons, and leaves your audience in a state of wonder.

  1. Your Magical Emcee for Corporate Events and Awards Dinners:

    • Fred Sharp is here to transform your corporate events and awards dinners into mesmerizing and unforgettable experiences. With his unique blend of emcee expertise and jaw-dropping magic and illusions, Fred is the secret ingredient to spice up your event and leave your guests spellbound.

Why Choose Magic4Business?

Magic4Business isn't just about magic; it's about transformation. We're your partner in unlocking hidden potential within your team, motivating your workforce, and creating unforgettable corporate events. With Fred Sharp as your guide, we ensure that every engagement is a success.


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