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Fred Sharp - A Magician in Dubai

How I became a magician in Dubai...Welcome to my strange world!

I have been providing magic, illusion and other types of mystery entertainment since 2010 in Dubai and across the Middle-East

My name is Fred Sharp and I am a professional magician. Yes although some people don't necessarily realise it, it's a full time job to be an artist / performer! I am originally French but I lived most of life as an expat. After 14 years in the UK, I decided to move to Dubai in 2010.

Living and working in Dubai and the middle-east has been an amazing experience. I'd like to share with you some interesting aspects of my work and life as a illusionist performing at all types of events in this part of the world.


Why this magician blog platform?

I know social media seems to be the preferred way of communicating these days, but I thought this blog platform would enable me to get into more details compared to the quick snapshots / updates from Instagram or Facebook

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